Commonly Asked Questions

What is therapy like?

“Talk therapy” is a process of discussing and exploring your life as it relates to the challenges you are having. Therapists work hard to establish rapport, listen actively and provide observations, insights and reflections to support your development of self awareness during therapy. Together, we will set goals for therapy so that we can work toward reaching the outcomes you are hoping for.

Prior to therapy, I offer a brief 20 minute free consultation over the phone to see if we be a good fit to work together based on what you are looking for in a therapist and what you are hoping to achieve in therapy. We will schedule availability and fees during our first session together, I will gather more detailed info about your history and current challenges. I will also provide information about my practice including policies & procedures. Sessions beyond this initial intake are more open and focused on what you choose to bring into our sessions.

What makes therapy work?

The biggest factor in what makes therapy successful is you! People who are motivated and ready for change are most open to feedback and insight. I truly believe that all of us could benefit from having someone fully present, listening actively to what we have to say and provide space and time to be listened to in a neutral and safe environment. This alone can be very healing.

The therapeutic relationship is also crucial for a positive outcome and I promise to do my part in being the most effective therapist for you as possible.

Another benefit is having a supportive therapist to monitor your goals and progress. There are many benefits to seeking therapy and we can explore further during our initial meeting.

What are the session & payment options?

Sessions are 50 minutes long for individuals and 90 minutes long for couples and families. My session fee is $160 per 50 min. sessions and $220 per 90 minute sessions. Payment is due at the time of service and both cash or check are accepted. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

What should I remember most about my therapist?

Like all of us, I am human too. with your help, I will learn what works for you and what does not and I will strive to tailor my approach and modalities to you. My time does not end when our session ends, I take the time to process, reflect and plan for our next session to ensure that you are one step closer to your goals.

I promise to always be a calm presence and to provide a safe, compassionate and accepting space. I may be direct at times but in a constructive and sensitive way. I will make you feel understood and cared about.

I am looking forward to starting this journey with you! Please contact me today.