Kids and Teens


Couples & Families


Kids & Teens – Through all of my experiences with little ones, I have found that play is the work of children. Through engagement, discovery, and support, children are able to explore their thoughts & feelings in a safe and therapeutic environment. Children often have a difficult time processing emotions and do not always have the language skills to express themselves.

Through play therapy, and art therapy, I will work with your child to help recognize, process, and regulate emotions in order to improve the emotional and physical functioning at home and at school.

Teens – The teenage years can be incredibly challenging, confusing, and isolating. It is one of the most significant life transitions. In therapy, your teen will have a safe space to process thoughts & feelings as well as to learn how to express themselves in healthy & productive ways.

Whether your teen is experiencing difficulty with others, or has trouble managing & expressing emotions, or is showing symptoms of depression and anxiety, I am here to help.

Individuals/Adults – We all have our own life story that has shaped us into who we are today. In therapy, we will embark on a journey together and explore how your family of origin history and early attachment relationships can help identify dysfunctional patterns. With curiosity and empathy, I can help you discover your authentic self, promote insight, and awareness, and encourage positive change in your behavior, relationships, and life choices.

Investing in ourselves is one of the most important things we can do to feel healthy, happy, and balanced in our lives.

Couples & Family counseling – All couples & families have challenging times. Communication and understanding are key. In therapy, we will work together to learn and implement helpful tools for positive and open communication. We will work together to help you understand the needs of all your family members so that you can find new & healthy ways to get along.

I truly believe that the quality of relationships that we have with others is of the utmost importance to our psychological health. As a relationship expert, I promise to do everything I can to help you get your relationships back on track, and to move on from the toxic ones.